Hi, pleasure to meet you,

It isn´t really possible in every line of work to connect the pleasant with the useful. Creative diversity and open minds for something new are not only my professional ideas, it is also part of my nature. 

As  a nurse and physical therapist I work out - and write about it.

Curiosity and my interest in how people evolve initially led me to an education to become a nurse. So I got a profound medical knowledge in theory and practise. At that time and during my work in the rehabilitation, I already focus on to give people by active care the possibility to help themselves. 

I wanted to know more...

physis, (greek to let nature (in itself) grow, change, come into being.

My further education in physiotherapy gives me this ability even better. I can connect it with my medical knowledge and so I have a lot of options to work.

For me and also in my independent work in these areas, the active exercises are just as important as the knowledge mediation. 


A deeper and more sophisticated understanding of the anatomical and physiological correlations in the body and how individuals can support themselves in recognizing their own resources.

Two years of advanced training in manual therapy intensified this expertise. 

In this process, I also discovered the way to unfold one`s potential, of each person, and the inner strength to manifest. 

Transparent approach, clear explanations and self-responsible collaboration to the purpose for efficiency and sustainability.

The philosophy of my activity is the holistic view to the cause.

Based on the medical content as a nurse and physical therapist, I am inspired by nature to present a way that unites the vitality in the human being - what is otherwise only separated.

I unite all this in my work.

I am a german native speaker and I would like to combine my medical knowledge with foreign languages.

Writing books and creating articles gives me the ability to simultaneously combine my love for science, writing, creativity and communication.

If you have a question about a specific medical terminology, I will not only give you a theorethical translation of a single word from Latin or Greek into English, but also write a practical technical text on how it works anatomically and physiologically in the human body. And even show a connection to humanities and natural sciences. So you have a more complete picture for you.

The right balance of an abstract statement and more of a living understanding. 

Even in foreign languages.