On these paths we meet each other, discover our true nature,

which no one sees and every one recognizes. IN every body.

Invisible. Clear and obvious.

Far away and yet familiar. A sense of inner strength, of who we are.


With courage. Courage to be human!  

Creativ. Create a new art -

 of communications!

Shine. Personality with heart that reaches us.  Perceptible. To manifest the vitality of life.

Guidance at eye level - Honestly!  

Are you ready?  Enjoy!  

Vision capacity.  Inspiration.

Response - Ability?  

Originating from the English word responsibility describes Response - Ability the skill to freely choose one's own reaction to a challenge.  


Is it the question of responsibility?

Is responsibility imposed?

Or do you recognize yourself as a Human Being who is able to independently select your
answer and therefore takes responsibility for your life?!

Response - Ability is the knowledge to find answers IN ourselves and drawing from the potential.

Response - Abillity is neither reduced to a purely logical consideration, nor does it duel with the polarity at the other end of the cause - effect chain.  

It would neglect sense and significance, which the code logically - illogically just cannot describe.  

Response Ability extends the logical cause-effect chain by aspects of interrelating and intuition.  While the impulse of reaction is comparatively short, and often unconscious, response involves other levels of awareness. 

The space between trigger and (conscious) response is increased.

The result of a personal development process. 

A breathing moment. 

Only when we do not follow the purely cognitive decision reflex, we open a space in which we can find solutions on a higher level.  

To understand a more integral level of the process of life and on this background to involve the big picture - in our small reality.

 Which is unique for everyone.  

Only from such an open mind can we succeed in listening to life more effectively,    

To understand the questions.  Discover answers from a whole new perspective that hold amazing trails.

Translate foreign medical language 


I connect medical knowledge with what we have always been, man. 

Being human! to remember on a journey in and of itself, and experiencing its very own unfolding, from which its feeling, thinking and acting manifest.  

Because we can all make a bigger difference in the world. Each one of us.  


Who would have thought that there is so much wisdom in people who see other people?!  

 You are welcome!  

As a physical therapist and nurse i work out - and write about it!

Sports Medical Writing International

To emphasize this unity in the human being, 

I write sports medical texts,
websites or publications,
to connect medical knowledge with sports. 

Written portraits with value content of the spirit of you(r) business 

For talented individuals with and without medical background who feel, think and act holistically

- visibly! - not only (trapped) in the net.  

Human medical practitioners with natural treatments  

Humanitarian organisations

Associations working for the sustainability of nature