Written Portrait of the spirit of you(r) business


What is a human being or what can a human being be?

Linguistic origin of human being already disappears in interpretation and description of the person. 

In the Greek Πρόσωπο (face), 

a person carries the role of the mask. 

In Latin per sonare, it is your essence that resounds in your own voice language.

Audible as the song flows through us. Resonance.

So images - therefore - do not have a single sense, but can have plural meanings, depending on the perspective from which one looks at it. Whether you play a (faked) role, or you want to let your art shine from within.

Together with ethics, it shares the transcendentality of logic.

Certainly not the text between the lines, but because our mind finishes the sentence.

Image Text  

What`s the difference between picture and image?
A picture which we evolve and see from language represents metaphorical views.

Am I really seeing something differently each time or am I reading what I see in various ways?!

Experiencing values as a feeling. Respect!

To picture your image.

Readable. Recognition Value.

Unique artist biographies

There is no need to become a celebrity. You  already are!

Lively and sensual   


(Young) people who have something to tell and present it in their own way. 

Anyone who wants to share their experience while still maintaining their own reflection can tell their story. An event that leads your life for good, encourages and inspires. Exciting contemporary history of intense adventures, friendships, professional or private turning points, that were and are already linked to the path of earlier generations.

Aesthetics for people who hear the story behind music, in the language of your own words.

I plan, conduct and write interviews, articles and reports for specially interested people

Sports, nature, culture, philosophy

What do you want to convey to people?

What do you want them to remember?

What will they think about more intensively?

Flow in-spirit

What is it that flows through us, streaming through us? It is about the reconnection (lat. religare)  to the spirit, that gives us the impulse.

To get a differentiated view that is forgotten, about the strategy of “how“,  to know,

What are we actually doing here? 

A change of rhythm from analysis to intuition.

Perhaps it is the claim of the private linguist, who thinks that there is something … more.

Vital Values communicate, engage and live authentically.

I will offer a possibility to look at intention, as a way to manifest an attitude.

A consciousness of what would happen if we did not (any longer) regard the barriers we have set ourselves as universally valid?

When we go our own ways with openess, and thereby, not only encounter ourselves, but are also positively surprised when, as if from nowhere a human gesture is touched from an unknown friendly smile that mirrors (us)…!?

It allows a space to perceive a feeling within us and experience how much energy it can give and set free.  

A new kind of knowing, our thoughts and - our activities.

The spirit of you(r) business is the mentality that everything that has been created was (first) thought up. 

Dynamic action requires dynamic thinking.

Visible understanding of values.

Informing is knowledge.  Applying knowledge holistically is wisdom.


Speech Experience

Thinking of your audiance is already there, or coming in, from every where and every side, excited, happy and curious, you... while, simultanously you wait backstage, focused with inner peace and feel also the expectant tension, take another deep breath in anticipation, ready to enjoy... because in a few moments, you will enter the stage, this area... they come to you, to this place, to hear you, and see have a great experience for all of us.

Happening have been part of mankind for thousands of years. We told them to each other arround the bonfire before anyone wrote them down. Today we talk about them with our children or share it with friends. 

But don`t tell fairy tales, because only what you feel is transmitted.

The heart is the story that creates the feeling, in which a embassy remains present and gives meaning. Translate character into language, delight, inspire and inform human beings. Which touch to tears or lead to joyful laughter.

Being able to enchant people with words, release emotions with speech and impress masses with their voice.

The goal in view, the listeners in sight, carrying an intention into the world is the art that characterizes the essence of poetry.

How a space is formed an atmosphere out of a place for a get to know each other, and time capture the moment to be free for a personal, open and honest dialogue to emerge, that respects dignity and privacy and grows into a unique image that not only describes, but become visible.

A personal portrait with unusual content from and about an authentic human being, overcomes the boundary of proximity and distance, between virtual reality. 

Written Portrait of the spirit of you(r) business

You are welcome!


It is nice to know, that we have been in this room together and are amazed to experience a topic they did not know they were interested in.

You can feel special, want to feel engaged and you want to be a part of the moment, in a laudatio at a wedding ceremony, a thank-you speech at the company, or a slightly different unusual congratulatory surprise at a birthday party.

Thats why I come to this stage, so that they feel as something unique. Because everybody is!

Authentic cordiality. Enthusiasm that reflects the inner spirit of those, who carry this honesty in their hearts.

When you draw a picture in your mind and let it be alive in the recognising awareness of the feeling. That which you perceive when you face people (in) reality.

Share your embassy with me to the world.

I write speeches and talk about it    ;-)

sing on special occasions, entertain with poetry slam and also surprise with flashmob.

It is the most genuine and honest way to be in conatct with people.