Mental strength in sports

Connection of spirit to human being

For individualists, people who think, act and live holistically.

The human-being appears self-confident and at peace with himself and the room is immediately filled with his presence. Faith and self-esteem join with the start. Ready to have fun. That`s his motivation!

Precision and consistency lead in his persistence. Power and energy are felt and manifest aesthetic flexibility. 

Athletes in (competitive) sports feel and live their values and choose decisions that correspond to them. They are authentic.

Their feeling of self worth is based on Who they are.

Mental strength is shown in the connection between mind and the physical level, how you act, your love for life, your understanding of health and how you contribute to it with nutrition and fitness.

About consciously enriching your training with free time for active and passive relaxation to stay in harmony.

Movement arises from a natural evolvement, of course, not because they have to, but want to, because it is a convinced attitude.

In life as well as in sports, constructive challenges are a gift to grow from, to expand mentally and to go one`s own way.

If your heart is truly involved, if you love creating -  you enjoy the journey and be rewarded with a free, vibrant attitude of life.

It is important to me to transmit clarity, to reveal honest ways with openness.

In the consciousness of a strong personality, with a balanced perception, focused in a relaxed way, living the mental values given by nature.

With dynamic physical fitness, ready to achieve sporting goals, strengthened with knowledge and insights based on health, medical background, in a meaningful presence to activate the vocation.

Focus on your mentality strength in my coaching of

personality awareness.

Outdoor interview

individual coaching


inner core




time 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes  in nature

Transformation is translate in formation.