Athletes who want to support their sport-specific performances with new impulses and counteract one sided strain, benefit from joint stabilisation training.  

JointPlay is a game of words as an expression of the body`s self- organisation.  

A re-active cooperation between structure and function.    

After a long distance on your racing bike, possibly, depending on the force vector, the fixative tension transfer from the Musculus iliocostalis lumborum  via the aponeurosis, and the Musculus quadratus lumborum to the ileum, will cause significant traction forces in the lateral direction.  

To avoid functionally stressful rotational positions of the spine, the body must restrict  passive joint play at these segments. It “blocks“ one or more directions of movements in this facets. As re-active joint protection. This provides effective stabilization of the joints.    

A repeated jerky release also leads to a re-active blocking - as protection – and in the long term to an instability.  

This raises the question whether this ability is perhaps completely natural and also useful?!  


The content of JointPlay Coaching

is to create an awareness of how you can freely and independently bring about the development and expansion of your health and fitness, in connection with your individual, personal and professional interests. 

To achieve the range of motion.

  • Physiological balancing between stability and flexibilty of the joints
  • Skills in coordination and reaction
  • Sensitisation of the proprioception
  • Fascilitation of the intra and intermuscular transmission
  • Steady strengthening of the muscles close to the joints
  • Leg axis training



PhysioManual Function check 

Review of the results

Sport specific advice 

Mediation of anatomical, physiological and manual therapeutic knowledge 

Individual exercises with inclusion of the three-dimensional joint play

Time 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes in nature

Effective force transmission 

Efficient use of energy

Aesthetic flexibility 

Focused endurance